Streamlining obstetric image delivery

  • Increase sonographer efficiency
  • Provide a modern service for your patients
  • Reduce costs


Modern Service

Provide the convenience and speed of cloud-based access to imaging.

Sonographer Efficiency

Our technology supports sonographers by enabling them to focus on scanning, not creating media.

Reduce cost

In addition to saving your staff time, we provide the service for less than the cost of a USB stick.

Social Marketing

Introduce an additional marketing channel when patients share their experience on social media.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you keep patient data safe?

We do not store any patient data. All identifing data is stripped from the images before they are sent to the cloud.

How secure are the images?

The image files are uploaded over an encrypted communication channel. They are stored on our servers using the AES-256 encryption standard.

Who provides support for the service?

We do! We want to decrease the workload for your staff, so any patient enquiries are handled by us.

What happens when things go wrong?

Good question. At The Stork we know that mistakes can happen, codes can be sent to the wrong person, or to a patient that doesn't want them. So we have included a feature that enables your staff to revoke a code should the situation require it.

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What do people think?

The Stork is so easy to use. It saves us so much time and the patients and staff love it. A really great service.

Sue Rogers Ultrasound Manager, Ascot Radiology

I wish you and the team all the best and want to thank you for creating an easier system to be able to view such precious photos! May the happiness you now have given others, come back to you multiplied! :)

Payal "A very excited mum to be"

Loving the new option to view our scans online with The Stork! No more delays in the waiting room and it’s now so easy to see our baby photos and share them with friends and family. Awesome to see baby scans catch up with modern technology!

Jane Obstetric Patient

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